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Your Inner Wisdom

The Language of the Body

Learn to decode your body's signs + signals and change your relationship to your health with this bite-sized course!


Disconnected from your inner wisdom?

Are you stuck in the cycle of hating your body, feeling confused about your symptoms, and getting frustrated with trying to decode your health? Do you feel disconnected from your body?  Unsure about how you can create long-lasting balance + harmony? Are you feeling unempowered and defeated?

This mini-course will take you on the empowering journey of connecting back to your body and reclaiming your wellness!

Connect to your inner wisdom...

My name is Alexa Young

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Deeper understanding of your body's signs, patterns, and symptoms.

Release negative + limiting beliefs towards your body and health.

Nourish your body by learning the pillars of true health + wellness.

Advanced Tech

Advanced Tech


Welcome + Workbook

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Your Inner Wisdom

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Signs, Patterns, + Body Systems

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Deep Nourishment: The Pillars of Wellness

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Shifting Mindset

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Course Wrap-Up

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Empower Growth

  • When does this course start?
    This course begins as soon as you register!
  • How long does the course last?
    This course has no set time frame. You can work through it at your own pace! You'll also have access for as long as the course exists.
  • How much does the course cost?
    This is a mini-course so I've made it super affordable at $44 but If you register prior to December 20, 2023 you'll get the course for $33!
  • Will this course help me with my health issues?
    This course is designed to help shift your mindset around your body + wellness while deepening your understanding of the body and the signals it gives us. By taking this course you'll have a better connection to your body and you'll gain some key tools to help support your wellness. At the end of the day, changing your habits is completely up to you and I'm so happy you chose this course to support you on that journey! Many people find that making simple changes positively impact their wellness! That being said, this course is for informational purposes and is not meant to replace the advice of your health practitioner.
  • What are my next steps after this course?
    Going through the course and the workbook will help you get a better idea of where you can make changes in your lifestyle. It will also probably give you some ideas on what you'd like to talk to your healthcare practitioner about OR other "alternative" therapies you'd like to try (such as energy healing, acupuncture, herbalism, etc. Once you're done the course I highly encourage you to talk to your healthcare providers and try building some new habits. This course is built to be a catalyst and support for your health + wellness journey!

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