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Danielle's Story

My work as an herbalist blossomed from a lifetime love of nature.  It continues to be fed by my own health journey, a curiosity about healing, and living in a time where we, as a society, have become so disconnected from our place in nature.

After over a decade of my own struggles with digestion, hormones, and mental health I felt the call to leave my degree in environmental biology and begin my studies in herbalism, nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness.  In winter 2020 I started Wildflower part-time as a products business, selling handmade herbal tinctures, oils, and salves.  Eventually I began offering group programs and workshops.

In June of 2022 I finally decided to leave my job so I could put my heart + soul in to helping others.. and so began the full-time pursuit of Wildflower. Since then I have shifted towards my deepest passions of herb farming and herbal education.  My mission with Wildflower is to walk with you as we return to our herbal roots and our natural way of being.

I am from the small town of Flin Flon, Manitoba where I spend my days sharing my love of herbalism and marveling at the magic of the boreal forest.  From a young age I've found peace and inspiration in nature and I will forever enjoy laying on the forest floor, taking photos of tiny plants, mushrooms, and insects.  Inspired by my love of nature and health, it only felt right to begin the journey of studying holistic health.  Over the last seven years I have completed a variety of courses and trainings in the areas of nutrition, herbalism, yoga, and mindfulness.

Thank you for visiting Wildflower Holistic Health; if you have any questions please fill out the contact form below!

Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program - The School of Evolutionary Herbalism
Holistic Women's Wellness Mentor Training - Wellness Blessing (Kara Maria Ananda)
Herbal Pregnancy & Childbirth - Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine *currently completing*

Menstrual Cycle Tracking & Herbal Medicine                            |
An Integrated Approach to Female Hormonal Health            | -- Pacific Rim
Women's Health - Anatomy, Hormones, & Cycle Tracking   |

Introductory + Intermediate Herbal Courses - Herbal Academy
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Aurora School of Yoga & Wellness

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training - with Katie Kozak
Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training - Bliss Baby Yoga
200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training - Inspired Me Meditation & Wellness
Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma - The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
Holistic Nutrition Certificate Program - Pacific Rim *currently completing*

Thank you! Please allow 2-4 business days for a reply!

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