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Discover the magic + medicine of the boreal forest in early summer! This is the second in a series of seasonal foraging guides that will invite you in to the world of wildcrafting within the boreal forest.

Each plant profile contains basic plant identification, suggested herbal preparations, along with culinary and medicinal information. Early summer medicinals mentioned in this guide include: Wild Chamomile, Cleavers, Dandelion, Lungwort, Wild Mint, Plantain, Wild Rose, Spruce, Birch, Balsam Poplar, and Trembling Aspen. It also includes notes on ethical harvesting and tips for drying herbs! You will receive a link to download after purchase - keep it digital or print it out at home!

By purchasing this PDF you are helping to support my work as an herbalist + educator!

*This is an introductory guide, for more in-depth information please watch for my future online courses. If you live local to the Flin Flon area, consider joining one of my monthly plant walks or medicine-making workshops (listed here in the Apothecary). If you are registered for one of my plant walks, don't worry about purchasing this guide as you'll receive one on our walk!

Boreal Early Summer Foraging Guide

  • This guide is for personal use only and is not intended for distribution (either digitally or in print). By purchasing this guide you are agreeing this these terms. Thank you for supporting and respecting my work!

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